Hire A Vocalist

You have a project and know exactly what your vocals and lyrics should sound like?

Then you're in the right place!

How does it work?

It's simple!
1. Select one of our many great vocalists below and fill out the custom request including your instrumental and vocal references (be as detailed as possible). 
2. Our selected vocalist sees your request and decides whether he/she can work on the project and will send you an offer including the price, delivery time and number of change requests.
3. You check the offer and if everything looks good to you - you'll accept it and pay the agreed amount.
4. Once accepted, the vocalist has to deliver your project within the agreed time. The custom project fee will be transferred to the vocalist's account as soon as the order is marked as complete.
You can always trace your order status via your email or contact us at info@yoursoundmate.com.

Our Selected Vocalists

Here's a list of our for custom projects available vocalists.
Choose your Favorite and send us your custom request!

1. Svniivan

2. Barmuda

3. Moav

4. Solina

5. Lucien

6. LeftLukas

7. Sergio Ochoa